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IPHH College of Nursing Donates Computers and Printers to Sub District Hospital Akhnoor

IPHH College of Nursing Jammu has demonstrated its commitment to community service by generously providing three computers and printers to the Upazila Hospital Akhnoor.

This act of philanthropy reflects the institution’s deep-rooted dedication to the welfare of society. Vijay Kumar Nangalia, Chairman of IPHH College of Nursing, highlighted that the institution’s founder was a visionary who recognized the importance of direct community engagement.

Over the years, IPHH has consistently extended its support to various community initiatives, including Community Health Care Services, Free Rural Community Public Schools, Immunization programs, services and Rehabilitation for the disabled, and HIV/AIDS awareness programs. These efforts are a testament to the institution’s ongoing commitment to community well-being.

When Block Medical Officer Akhnoor, Mohammad Salim, communicated the need for computers at the hospital, Mr. Vijay Kumar Nangalia promptly responded by donating three computers and a printer on behalf of IPHH. This swift and selfless gesture underscores the institution’s readiness to serve the public interest and make a tangible difference in the lives of the local community.

IPHH College of Nursing student and faculty at Sub District Hospital Akhnoor.
IPHH College of Nursing student and faculty at Sub District Hospital Akhnoor.

List of Courses Offered By IPHH College of Nursing Jammu

  1. B.Sc Nursing
  2. Multi-Purpose Health Worker(MPHW)
  3. General Nursing And Midwifery(GNM)

Additionally, the institution actively supports its students in securing employment opportunities and operates a paramedics and nursing school. As a result, IPHH plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of healthcare professionals in the region, contributing significantly to the healthcare ecosystem.

Block Medical Officer Mohammad Salim expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the entire IPHH College of Nursing team for their benevolent contribution. He emphasized that this generous donation would benefit hundreds of individuals reliant on the Upazila Hospital, thereby enhancing healthcare services and accessibility in the community.

In summary, the Institute of Public Health & Hygiene Jammu’s act of providing computers and printers to Upazila Hospital Akhnoor exemplifies its unwavering commitment to community service. With a legacy spanning nearly five decades, IPHH College of Nursing continues to inspire and empower students to pursue meaningful careers in healthcare, thereby making a lasting impact on the well-being of the region’s residents.

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प्रणव कुमार
प्रणव कुमार
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