What is the Internet?

The Internet, also called simply “the Net,” is a worldwide system of computer networks.

The Internet (or internet) is the global system of interconnected computer networks that uses the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to communicate between networks and devices.

The Internet Is Big

The internet is one of the most famous tools in the world. There are approximately five billion users of the internet as of today. In the case that we account for the total human population of the globe – eight billion, we quickly realize that most of the global population are internet users. All these figures can be easily seen through reports published by Internet World Stats. For your information, Internet World Stats is a statistics research website that publishes data exclusively for the internet. This means that the figures it quotes are more or less reliable.

Another figure that is bound to shock you were published by Statista – a stats research organization that has been posting relevant stats for the past decade and a half. Statista says that there are, at the bare minimum, 35 billion devices connected to the high-speed internet in the world as a whole. For the purposes of clarification, that number is more than a hundred times more than the total population of the United States of America!

Just another figure that will show you exactly how expansive the internet’s dominance over the world is the figure of the number of internet service providers operating just in the United States of America. According to the World Factbook of the Central Intelligence Agency, there are many more than seven thousand of them! And just as a clarification, by internet service providers, we mean brands like Xfinity that delivers Xfinity internet to hundreds of households in the US.

What Is Part of The Internet?

When something is present in such a big amount throughout the world, it only makes sense for us to bring it up in many discussions repeatedly. While some of us like to discuss the different ways in which the internet is impacting different people living on Planet Earth, others like to discuss what the internet is as a whole. In the case that you belong to the latter group, it makes all the sense in the world to be able to read this article for you. We say this with so much confidence knowing that we will be discussing what the internet is exactly in all the paragraphs below.

The first thing we will start with is the World Wide Web. It is one of the most important things in the world. For everyone to be having a bigger deal than the rest of the people, there must be a bigger deal than what is said by people in the world as a whole.

World Wide Web

The World Wide Web is a platform for everyone to be able to connect with one another through billions of web pages. These web pages are linked through HTML code. The inventor of HTML and thus the one who is known to be the inventor of the World Wide Web is none other than the computer scientist and genius Sir Tim-Berners Lee. The World Wide Web was invented in the late 1980s and the early 1990s.

Internet World Wide Web
Internet World Wide Web

There are three different types of web pages on the massive online platform. The first type of web page is the surface web page. These are the least secretive out of all the web pages. They can be seen indexed on search engines. Then, there is the deep web. The deep web holds at the very least seven thousand times more information than the surface. The dark web is the deepest of the deep web. It is used for extremely secretive activities including ones for criminal purposes. In fact, many terrorist organizations use the deep web as well.


There are many applications that require the internet. These vary from gaming applications such as Zynga Poker to weather applications such as AccuWeather.

Communications Platforms

The internet is also used in various communications platforms. These platforms include intranets for various multinational organizations.


The internet is becoming a bigger deal day by day. This is why it is important for us to keep learning new things about it. We wish you the best of luck with this journey and expect you to keep reading blogs about the global network. Up until you read one of ours again, it is indeed a bittersweet goodbye!

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