IPHH Jammu has Celebrated International Nurses Day

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Nurses are the backbone of the medical field, and without their care and nurture, no patient can ever recover. IPHH Jammu, celebrated International Nurses Day with pride and honour to pay tribute to this tireless attempt of the nurses.

The occasion was celebrated on 12th May 2023 and was a unique experience. It would not be wrong to say the event was a roaring success. Celebrating the event was extremely necessary to make sure that we can, for one day, acknowledge the contribution of the nurses without whom our journey would be incomplete. The event was held to recognise all those unsung heroes without whom it would not be possible for the medical world to see its success.

IPHH Jammu aims to ensure we can come on board and recognise those without whom we are nothing. The joyous occasion of International Nurses Day was celebrated by cutting a cake, and the entire event area was decked up with white and blue balloons. The event started with honouring Florence Nightingale, who was regarded as the lady with the lamp for her contribution in this field. Our beloved members even lit a candle before her to pay respect.

IPHH Jammu has Celebrated International Nurses Day

The event also saw various keynote speeches about how tireless this journey is from the nurses, administration and some guests. Not only does the event recognise the effort, but it also marks the exemplary service, leadership qualities and the compassion that the nurses showcase. Working in this field is difficult, and IPHH-College of Nursing, Jammu went all out to make this day special for the nurses. IPHH Jammu is one of the best paramedical colleges in Jammu.