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GoTask App Review- Money Earning App, Real or Fake?

GoTask App Review- is this Big Scam or Real?

GoTask App Review, Hello friends and welcome to our official website TheMithilaTimes.Com. In this post, we talk about online earning applications called Go task. Making money online becomes easier day by day. Many people earn money online by writing blogs, making YouTube videos, and many more.

GoTask App Review: In this article, I am writing a review of the new earning app in the market called GoTask with this people earn Rs. 24 to Rs. 45675 per day by doing some tasks in-app that are like video on Facebook.

GoTask App Review in Hindi

GoTask App Review in Hindi :- आज हम बात करेंगे एक ऐसे ऐप की जिससे आप बिना कोई इन्वेस्टमेंट किये पैसे कमा सकते हैं। उस App का नाम है GoTask App, इससे आप रोज़ 24 रुपए कमा सकते है। 

What is GoTask App?

GoTask is an online money-earning app. They give some tasks to users & when users do tasks they give some commission amount to the users. 

GoTask App Details, Information

GoTask App is a money-earning mobile app. People can earn some money with this mobile app by just doing some tasks. Gotask app does not support the web version it’s only for mobile.

GoTask App Real or Fake:- I have to join GoTask in January 2021 and I have received money regularly but in mid-February 2021 I have not received any amount yet. Many users have questions does gotask app is safe or not, gotask is safe or not, is gotask app safe or not? I am not sure about this. I have to earn money from it but now it’s not giving me money. 

Now, the Answer to all your question is Gotask is a big money scam, it’s totally fake. They give some money for the time of period but after that collect the huge amount and stop paying money to the customer.

Join GoTask App

  • Free Joining:- Join Now / Register Now
  • Earn Daily Rs. 24 to Rs. 45,675
  • Withdrawal ( Take 72 Hours)

How to Earn Money From GoTask App?

Follow some simple steps & earn money online

GoTask App Download & Install in Your Mobile

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GoTask App Invite Code

How much money earn with GoTask App?

New GoTask VIP Membership Plan

GoTask VIP Plan Price

VIP Level Price Task Task Price  Daily Income  Monthly Income Yearly Income
Knight 0 12 2 24 720 8760
Baron 1000 12 5 60 1800 21900
Viscount 6000 16 22 352 10560 126720
Earl 10000 21 26 546 16380 199290
Marquess 30000 33 47 1551 46530 566115
Duke 50000 45 55 2475 74250 903375
Silver Bull 100000 45 120 5400 162000 1971000
Taurus 200000 45 378 17010 510300 6208650
Champion 500000 45 1015 45675 1370250 16671375

Withdrawal Process

  • Submit your withdrawal in GoTask App 
  • Send the withdrawal details in the GoTask Telegram group 
  • Telegram Group Link
  • Withdrawal Time Morning 11:30 to Night 9:30
  • What’s App Group Link

Withdrawal details format:

  • Reservation Time:- DD-MM-YYYY  H: M:S 
  • GoTask account no.- ( Type your mobile no. register with GoTask)
  • Membership Level:
  • Withdrawal Amount:

GoTask App Customer Care Number

GoTask has customer care service to solve users’ problems. They have only chatting facilities they do not provide any number where users can contact. If you have any problem or query you can chat with Gotask App customer care. For this, you can visit the VIP section and click on the Q & A link & start chat.

Why My GoTask Account Show Login Forbidden 

  • Reason:- Making multiple accounts.
  • Doing Wrong Task.
  • Submitting incorrect photos or formats in the task. 
  • Do not follow GoTask Term & Conditions.
  • GoTask Policy Violation

GoTask Term & Conditions / Privacy Policy

  • One mobile no. have only one account
  • Knight level (Free membership) users can withdraw once a month.
  • Knight-level members can not get a commission of their subordinate’s income.

My Opinion on GoTask

I have using GoTask since 06-01-2021 & I have to earn money daily with GoTask. I think this is the best online earning app in the internet world. But on the last week of February 2021, I have not received any withdrawal payment & all my withdrawals are failed. 

Disclaimer:- The Mithila Times does not take any guarantee about this App. This is my personal experience. Any action you take upon the information given above is your own risk, we will not liable for any losses with the use of our website.

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