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Top 13 Best & Legal Free Movie Download Sites Of 2022

Are you searching for download free movies? If you are worried about this question, here’s the answer.

In this article, we review the best 10 free movie download sites. Which can help you to easily find a worthy site to download HD movies, full-length movies, latest movies, English movies, foreign movies, etc. online without paying any cost. Here is the list of Free HD movie download sites which is totally legal.

Those movie lovers who don’t want to pay for movies and web series are easily attracted by illegal platforms, which provide all the latest movies and web series totally free of cost but illegally. This type of torrent site not only make you liable for legal charges but there is an imminent threat of malware attacks on your personal devices. So what options we are left with? From where we can download all those movies?

Effectively, there are some legal websites out there that allow you to watch & download movies and TV series legally and absolutely for free. Let’s start a review of the 10 best free movie download sites. Read the entire review to know the legal & safe movie download websites.

Best Free Movie Download Sites Of 2022

13. Roku Channel

Roku Channel
Roku Channel

Roku is an American company that manufactures digital media players for video streaming. Its main service is providing a set-top box through which customers can access a variety of digital content offered by Roku partners. Roku video streaming supports both free and paid channels.

12. Hulu

Hulu is an American subscription-based video streaming platform. Hulu platform has lots of content available in their library. It also offers a free account to its viewers. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms. It is one of the best movie sites in 2022 and allows you to watch hundreds of movies without spending any single penny from your pocket. Hulu accounts for free for one month.

Hulu Pricing Plan

Free Movie Download Sites- Hulu Plan
Hulu Plan
  • Hulu (No Ads)- Get First Month Free, Then $12.99/ month
  • Hulu- Get First Month Free, Then $6.99/ month
  • Hulu + Live TV- Now with Disney+ and ESPN+ $69.99/ month

10. Youtube


As we all know that YouTube is the world’s largest video-sharing platform, YouTube video platform is the best website to download movies and Tv shows as it contains huge movie and tv show collections. You can find all the movie genres on YouTube, like Hollywood movies, Animations, Kids’ movies, thrillers, Romantic, HD full movies, free movies, and so forth. YouTube is the most popular and reliable free movie download site in the internet market.

9. Tubi


Tubi is a digital ott video streaming platform of a San Francisco. Tubi platform provides free access to hundreds and hundreds of TV shows and movies. Currently, it has more than 200 content providers. The platform provides new movies and Tv shows every week. Apart from its website, users can access Tubi from Chromecast and other over-the-top services like Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

8. Vudu


Vudu is a U.S based video-on-demand (OTT) platform that allows users to buy or rent television shows, documentaries, and movies like sci-friction, and animation movies in HD, high and ultra-high-definition formats. In fact, Vudu was the first on-demand platform to provide high-definition online content for downloading. Vudu also has a large collection of free, ad-supported content, including classics, as well as, most recent movies and tv series.

7. Dailymotion

After YouTube Dailymotion is the second biggest online video sharing platform in the online market. It gives access to users to browse, upload and download video content from all over the world. On Dailymotion, you can find a great variety of all-new content and old movies collection.

6. PopcornFlix


I assume that you can hear about the PopcornFlix platform. If yes it sounds good. You know that PopcornFlix is a very popular online video streaming website, where you can watch hundreds of free, legal movies and web series. On PopcornFlix you can also find brainstorming documentaries and intriguing international films. PopcornFlix service is easily accessible from Playstation, Xbox, and Roku.

5. Sony Crackle

Next but not least on our list of best free movie download websites in 2022 is Sony Crackle. It is the most popular name in the video streaming industry and is known for offering highly legitimate content. It provides licensed content from giant movie platforms like Warren Bros, Fox Digital, and Universal Studios.

Users can easily access the Sony Crackle service because of its clean interface. It offers an enormous range of online movies and TV series for free, which one might not find on other competitor sites. One thing remembers is that Sony Crackle is most common in South and North America but is also blocked in some countries due to security reasons.

4. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a video streaming service owned and operated by Paramount Streaming, a division of Paramount Global based in the United States. Pluto TV licenses its content directly from providers. Pluto TV is a free, ad-supported streaming service that’s a hybrid of live and on-demand TV. It features hundreds of channels streaming movies, TV series, music, kids’ shows, news, and sports. Users can easily access its content via its website and supported apps.

3. Vimeo

Vimeo is an American video hosting, sharing, and services platform provider. Vimeo main aim is to provide high-definition video across an all range of devices. For movies lover, Vimeo is the best choice for watching and downloading movies. On-Demand section of Vimeo you can add your request and pay to watch your favorite films and TV shows.

Now you have a question in mind is Vimeo is free? The answer is Big No, but it offers a 30-day free trial where you can access its content easily.

2. Prime Video

Prime Video
Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video also called Prime Video, is an American subscription video-on-demand over-the-top (OTT) platform. Amazon Prime Videos is the most popular platform for online streaming of trending Movies and Web Series. Prime Video provides high-definition video & audio. Amazon Prime allows its users to access all the content available on the platform for free for one month only. Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

1. Netflix


Last but not least in our list of websites to download movies for free is Netflix. One of the most popular apps or sites in the world. Netflix, Inc. is an American over-the-top subscription-based streaming service. It features the latest movies, TV shows, and web series.

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only, we do not support downloading movies illegally. We suggest our readers don’t use any illegal torrent sites for watching and downloading movies online. You can check above mention site which is totally safe for you.